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When he finally spoke, his voice was very quiet. "My scholarship." He explained, or failed to explain. I was about www.beeg to quiz him further when the doorbell rang, and I realized the food beeg free must have arrived. "I'll get it!" He practically bounded to his feet milf beeg and half-jogged to the door. I sighed heavily and went through to the kitchen to get the chopsticks (and a fork for Alex), glasses and the bottle beeg . of wine all of which I set on the coffee table. Alex bounded back into the room with a collection of boxes, which he thrust at me and began to rummage through the pockets of a discarded coat. "What did you lose?" "Money." "Ah. My wallet's by the phone." I nodded in that direction. beeg hd "S'okay. I've got it." "Whatever." I placed all the boxes on the table as he yanked a crumpled wad of bills from his coat pocket beeg porche with a triumphant grin. beeg mature "My hero." "I know." And he trotted off to pay the guy, who was still standing by the door. I had tube beeg a feeling we'd be getting beeg 18 no more of the story until after www beeg.com we ate. I had played this game with Alex often enough to know that no amount of quizzing would make him talk if he wasn't ready to do so. When he returned he flopped down into the chair beeg tube again and began opening boxes and sniffing the contents suspiciously. Alex was a relative newcomer to Chinese food, and was still cautious around it. He'd attempted chopsticks once, but had made a real mess of things with them, giving up and switching to a fork before he died of starvation. "Smells good." "Glad beeg hairy you approve." I think something in my tone must have alerted him to the fact that I was still waiting for the rest of www.beeg com the story. He offered me a wide, wwwbeeg toothy smile and a wink. "After we eat, okay?" "Okay. But don't put me off again, or I will have to hurt you. Understand?" To his great credit, beeg 18 Alex www beeg.com didn't spit any food beeg .com on me as he wwwbeeg laughed at that suggestion. "Deal." We ate pretty much in silence after that, breaking it only occasionally to ask one another to pass the soy beeg poto sauce, or a particular dish, or to pour more wine. It wasn't an awkward silence though; we were just both thinking our own thoughts. beeg jepang After a really beag.com enjoyable meal, Alex made the coffee while I washed the wine beeg ass glasses and we beeg xvideos returned to the living room for a comfortable seat. "So?" I said, drawing out the vowel sound beeg..com and fixing him with a stare. "So. It may not come to anything, but with my GPA being so low they might cancel my scholarship." He shrugged. "I'd get to stay on the team, but I'd have porn beeg to find the money from somewhere else. And I can't afford to stay without the scholarship. Well, I can, if I get a job, but then I won't have time to practice." beeg. "That's bad." I didn't know what to say, I had no solution to offer. "Yup." "What's the solution?" "I don't know. Matt said he'd write to the trustees for me and ask them to be flexible. I'll speak to the Coach too and see if he'll do the same." Another shrug. "All I can do is wait and see." "Well, you know that if I beeg lesbian can do anything at all, help you study, whatever. I'll do it." I put my hand on beeg beeg his knee and he covered it with his own. "Or, beeg coom you know, if you just need to vent, or want a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you." "I know. Thanks, beeg. com Ryan. That means a lot to me." He leaned towards me and we kissed one beeeg another lightly on the lips, as he hd beeg sat back he fixed his big, brown eyes beeg porno on mine and with his free hand brushed my hair aside. beeg xx "I really do love you." "I love you, indian beeg too." I kissed him again and slid a little closer, letting him put an arm round my shoulder again and wriggling slightly to make myself more comfortable against him. "So. Let's change the subject, okay?" "Sure. Did you have a beeg xxx good run?" "Yeah. Great, got down to the river and back more than a minute faster than usual." "Good for bee you." It didn't surprise me; he was in peak www beeg com condition, his body trimmer and more solid than ever before. When he swam or ran, he was pure poetry. It didn't seem to matter in the least which beeg-com element it was, he cut through either with equal ease and grace. I've told you before how much I enjoyed watching him compete, and it was true. "Yup. Needed to blow off some steam." "I bet. You want another of my world famous back rubs?" beeg tube "Oh, yeah! That'd beeg xxx be great." He grinned an evil little grin. "How about more than just my back, though?" "Well..." I pretended reluctance. "I might need to be persuaded." "I think I can manage that." And he pulled me towards him, wrapping his powerful arms around me and drawing me into a deep, delicious kiss. I allowed myself a small beeg massage groan of pleasure as hd beeg I wound my fingers into his dirty-blond hair. This form of 'persuasion' I was confident I could 'resist' for a good long time. But I would give in eventually! We twined tube beeg around each other, clutching one another's bodies. Alex pushed me gently back into the corner formed by the back and arm and we settled into a series of long, slow kisses. "Okay! More than your back." I was finally able to gasp as he beeg moms let www.beeg.com me up for air and he gave a low chuckle, kissing the tip of my nose. "Cool." "Help me move the coffee table?" "Okay." Together we moved it to one side clearing a large bee area of the floor, more than big enough for him to stretch out full length. "Get some towels, sexy." I slapped his butt lightly. "Oh, and get the beeg-com massage oil, it's in the cabinet." "Okay." He obediently trotted off to the bathroom while I got a https //beeg.com bowl of ice water from the beeq.com kitchen. "Ta da!" He returned with a big dopey grin on his face, the one he always wore when he beeg poto was happy, when beeg gesetz he was getting his own way! I smiled free beeg back at him and began to take off my shirt. "Here." He said, dropping the towels on the sofa and reaching for the buttons of my shirt. "Let me." "You'll get no argument from me!" "Good!" And he ensured www beeg that he wouldn't by kissing me again. His dexterous fingers beeg sexxn swiftly undid the buttons on my shirt and slid it down off my shoulders. I shuddered as his fingers found my nipples and his tongue and lips made a slow, delicate journey along my beeg videos jaw and down my neck to my collarbone. As he tweaked gently, my hands came up and grasped his smooth, strong biceps tightly, another soft gasp escaping my lips. "Like that, huh?" He asked quietly, his hands drifting round to my back and drawing me still closer, pressing my crotch against his. I knew I wasn't the only one who was thoroughly enjoying this. We held that position for a while longer, kissing and stroking until he drew away, I moved my head forward to catch him, my eyes snapping open, but was disappointed as he held me still and moved out of reach. With a wink, he pulled the T-shirt up over beegxxx his head and tossed it aside. I reached for the buttons of his jeans and quickly had them down round his ankles, Alex leant on my shoulder to step out of xnxx beeg them and I stayed on my haunches for a moment looking up at his incredible beauty. He looked down at me with a grin and slid his shorts down, kicking them to one side. He was beeeg now completely naked as he lowered himself to the floor and bee sat on the towels, his long legs stretched out in front of him, leaning back on both hands. "So..." He said, perfectly comfortable sitting there naked, grinning at me. "On your face, Hayes." I instructed, laughing at his expression, though I was maybe just a little reluctant, as I was enjoying the beeg porn beegporn view. He rolled over and stretched out flat on his front, crossing his arms in front beeg.com/ of him and resting beeg sexxx his head on one side. Now, that wasn't such a bad view беег either! "I'm all yours." He murmured. "I know. Now this may be a little cold." I said, but only as I poured the oil onto his back, so it wasn't beeg xnxx much of a warning really. He drew his breath in www.beeg..com sharply, and all xxxbeeg the muscles in his back tightened. I quickly porno beeg shucked my own pants and sat astride his legs and began to work the oil across his back and shoulders, feeling beeg sexxx him relax. He sighed beegporn deeply and I beag.com felt a little beeg teen thrill run down my own spine. "Mmm." teen beeg "Quite." 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For someone who could be so ticklish elsewhere, his beeg com. feet were surprisingly lacking beeg mp4 in beeg black sensitivity. When I finished working on his beeg feet, I crawled back up the length of his body and kissed him on the lips. "I'm finished." I whispered. "What?" His eyes flew open again; a look of puzzlement and confusion clouded his beautiful features. "What about..." He trailed off and nodded beeg massage towards his groin. "Huh?" I pretended not to understand him. "I mean, are you going to leave me like this?" There was a tiny hint of frustration in his voice, as he pushed himself into beeg hindi a sitting position. "Like what?" But I could no longer keep a straight face, the way he was looking at me, and I burst out laughing. Realization dawned that I had been teasing beeg free him and a look of understanding spread across his face. 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I howled as the cold hit my balls and instinctively tried to curl beeg mom into a little ball, but he kept me lying flat, and soon took my mind off the cold by sliding his very, wonderfully, gloriously warm hand down there as well. I was soon naked too. "And you think I have wonderful hands?" I laughed into milf beeg his shoulder as he stroked back and forth, drawing his fingers the whole length of my shaft, such that it was almost painful when he reached the crown. "I learned from a master." He replied quietly with a chuckle. "Yeah, a masturbator!" "That was not funny." He gave a little squeeze after 'that' and 'not' as though to punctuate his words, making me try to bring my knees beeh together again, but he soon made me think better of stopping him. We rolled together again and I trailed my fingers down his belly and took him gently in my hand. After that, we didn't last much longer, all attempts at conversation ceased to be replaced by quiet gasps and moans as our two oil covered bodies twisted around one another. With one more moan, and a strangled sound that might have been his name, I was pushed over the top and Alex soon followed. We lay together on our backs, in an untidy, oily heap, holding hands and breathing heavily. "Well, that was fun." He finally said. "Yup." I squeezed his hand tightly. "I hope you know, you're cleaning this mess up." "Okay." "What?" I sat xxx beeg up beeg. and looked at him quizzically. "I said 'okay', I'll clean beeg porno up. But I beeg indian need another shower porno beeg first, join me?" beeg.coom "Damn right, try to beeeg stop me." "Nah. Don't think I'll bother. C'mon then." I was .beeg yanked to beeg videos my feet sharply, kissed deeply and swung up into Alex's arms as he carried me through to the bathroom singing (appallingly!) 'I will beeg x always looooooooove you' as he walked. I threw my arms round beegcom his neck and kissed him repeatedly between peals of laughter as he kicked open the bathroom door. We took beeg milf a long, slow shower, savoring the refreshing feel of the water cascading down over us beeg com and just kissing. It was wonderful, and when we collapsed on the bed much later I was tired, damp and happy. The problems and difficulties of the day were largely forgotten as Alex snuggled against me and, whispering in my ear how much he loved me, we fell asleep. The following day I was woken by the telephone's strident, insistent ring. Alex was still cradling site beeg.com beeg me against his chest, and I was reluctant to get up and answer it. Eventually, I heaved myself upright, Alex's beeg videos arm sliding off beeg.coom me (he can sleep through anything) and wandered unsteadily to get the beeg phone, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Hello?" I croaked. "Ryan?" "Megan?" "Hi, beeg.coom did I wake you?" "Yes." "Too bad, it's late already." It beeg.con was my younger sister calling from beeg sex home. "Where you are, it is." I sighed. "So, anyway, I'm porn beeg coming to visit." "Oh, you are, are you? When?" "I'll be there Friday beeg porn videos night." "Friday? That's tomorrow!" That was absolutely typical of my sister, to give me so beeg vids little notice. The last time she had visited, the call had come beeg tubes from the bus station, instructing me teen beeg to come get her. beeg xnxx "Well, duh!" She gave me her finest 'teenager talking to an adult' beeg 4k voice. "Is that going to be a huge problem?" "No. No. beeg indian I guess not." "You can be so welcoming." She tried to sound hurt, but it wasn't working. "I'm beeg massage sorry, Megan, darling. It's so good of you to visit me, please forgive me." I really beeg com camped it up and was rewarded with a piercing shriek of laughter down the phone, which I had to hold away from my ear until she stopped. "You are so gay!" She chided. "Yup." "And anyway, beeg teen I'm not really visiting you, I just need to get out beeg video of here for a while. The parental units are acting https //beeg.com up, and Daryl dumped me." "Men begg can be such beeg movies bastards." I sympathized. "I have the best brother!" She laughed. "You know exactly what to say. If you weren't my brother, and gay and, you know, so old, I'd definitely think about dating you." www.beeg.com Not much of a compliment, but you get what you pay for. xxx beeg "Listen, Meg, I'm standing here naked, so I gotta go put some clothes on porn beeg and get breakfast before class." There was another bray of laughter. "Call me and let me know when you're getting in, 'kay?" "Okay. Go dress, big brother, the thought beeg.con of you naked is making me nauseous." "Thanks." "Bye bye!" "Bye, Meg. See you Friday." I hung up the phone and wandered back through to the bedroom. Alex was awake and lying on his beeg x back with his head propped on a pile of pillows. "Ooh, breakfast!" He laughed as I walked into the room. "Ha ha." I slid back under the covers and ran a finger down his chest, tracing the line of his sternum and making him giggle as beeg gesetz my fingertip dipped into and back out of his bellybutton, continuing along the little trail of hair, but stopping mom beeg just short of my target. "Who was on the phone?" He beeg movies asked raising my hand to his lips and kissing the tips of my fingers. "My sister." "Ah." He kissed his way along my beeg black forearm to my elbow. "Remember beegs I told you she was pretty impulsive?" "Mm?" He was now kissing upwards to my shoulder. "She's coming to visit." "Oh?" beeg.com He kissed my neck, my ear, my jaw and finally my lips. beeg hd "Yeah, beeg.c gets here tomorrow. I don't know how long she'll stay for, probably only a few days." "She's not staying for your beeg . birthday?" I was turning twenty-two in eight days, but this was the first beeg.com/ time beeg free Alex had mentioned it since, months earlier, we had told each other when our respective birthdays were. I was instantly suspicious, he was definitely plotting something, but I had no chance of finding out what, so I let it go. "Nah, that's not why she's coming, she split up with her boyfriend and my parents are hassling her. Probably about school." "Cool. I've sort of been looking forward to meeting her." He sat back to look at me and smiled. "Really? You won't be weirded out having her in the house?" I took his hands and looked intently at him. He could be beeg porn funny at times about anything public, though he had taken me aback a few times recently, I couldn't stop myself from wondering how he would cope in a twenty-four beeg..com hour a day situation with someone in the house. Whether he would find himself hopelessly constrained and beeg sex video made to feel awkward in his beeg/ home. "Nope. I'll be fine." beeg xvideos "Thanks, Alex." "I thought we talked about not thanking beeg hairy each other the whole time?" He smiled at me and slid off the bed, padding towards the wardrobes to choose something to wear, continuing to talk to me over his shoulder. "And anyway, I anal beeg can always beeg movies sleep beeg porche on the couch." "You better not even beeg sexxn think about it!" I joined him, sliding an arm around his waist. "What do you think, this b eeg one, or this?" He pulled the sleeves of two shirts out the wardrobe door for me to look at. "The blue one." "Yeah?" He shrugged and pulled the whole shirt out, wandering away to shower and leaving me to select my own outfit for the day ahead. After a quick xnxx beeg breakfast we walked beeg anal to town together at an easy pace, parting company outside the library with indian beeg a quick, almost furtive, peck on the cheek. I had a dull day of study ahead of me, finishing up a paper that beeg mp4 was due and planned to spend most of the day in the library in beeg x an effort to get it beeg porn done on time. Alex, on the other hand had a day of boring administration ahead of him as he dropped out of some classes beeg video and gave thought to what ones he was going to take instead, and when. We weren't going to meet for lunch; just head back to the apartment when we were both done. I knew I wouldn't be beeq.com beegxxx finished before evening, and I had a beeg. feeling Alex might go down to the gym or the pool and work off his frustrations again. As it turned out, I beegxx got home after he did and found him sprawled on the couch, his head resting on a cushion on one arm and feet up on the other arm. 'Il Trovatore' was playing and he had the libretto in one hand, the other behind his head. His T-shirt had pulled up showing an inch of boxer shorts and a further beeg.com two of belly above the waistband of his jeans. He looked perfectly relaxed, www.beeg com his shoes on the floor, his beeg black jacket hung on the back of a chair, his backpack leaning on one of the legs of the dining table and a can of coke on the coffee table within easy reach. It almost seemed a shame beegporn to disturb him, but he reached for the remote as I came into the room. "No, leave it on." I said as I crossed the living room. "Chi del gitano, beeg mp4 i giorni abbella!" I sang along with the gypsy men as beeg hairy I pointedly gathered up his jacket to hang up with my own, prompting a bark of laughter from my ever-supportive beegcom boyfriend. "La Zingarella! indian beeg La Zingare-e-lla!!" I left the room, making an obscene gesture at him as I did so. "Screw you, Thomson!" He called to my back. "Promises, promises!" I tidied up the clothing strewn around our bedroom, humming along to beeg moms the music as I did. He had gone to the gym, so I stuffed his discarded workout clothes in the hamper and straightened up the bathroom a little before I went to rejoin him. I leaned over the back of the couch and kissed the top of his head, savoring the smell of his recently washed hair. He tilted his head back and let me kiss his lips, which I did, then tousled his hair before coming round to take a seat. "So, did you get your beeg ass classes organized?" "Yup. Mostly. Dropped the most tragic ones, and got some info about night classes." I tickled the sole of his feet through the white socks to get him to move and let me sit down, interrupting him in mid flow, and he took a second to recover his flow. "Sorry. Um, yeah, I'm thinking about taking a Spanish night class, and the music appreciation one looks beeg.com/ cool." "Yeah?" "Yeah, it's like credits sex beeg for listening to music." "There may be a bit more to it than beeg 18 that!" "Ha ha." He was not amused. "I know that. So I figure with the Spanish I already know, 'Beginner's Spanish' .beeg can't be too tough. Then I only need to take one extra class next semester, and assuming I pass everything I should be okay." "That's great!" I was really pleased that the disaster seemed to have been averted. "Yup, so I just have to hope beeg video it impresses the trustees." "I guess so." I squeezed his knee, to show I was on his side. "So your www.beeg.com sister phoned while you were out." "Yeah?" I was losing my enthusiasm about this visit, I mean I really beegcom love my begg sister, but she can be hard work. "She'll be here around seven tomorrow." "Okay." I sighed, just as well I'd finished my paper, as Fridays were pretty busy days for beeg tubes me lately. "I should be able to meet her then. You'll be beeg mature xxxbeeg at practice, right?" beeg lesbian "Yeah." There .beeg was a long pause. "So you didn't tell her about me?" His voice was very flat, impossible to gauge what he was thinking. "Sure I did." Didn't I? I must have. We didn't talk often, but I surely must have mentioned Alex at some point to her. "No. You told her you split up with John, free porn beeg but not about you and me." "It wasn't deliberate, I was sure I had. You know I don't speak to Megan that mom beeg often, and beeg com. we were only roomies to start. I guess by the www.beeg..com time beeg anal I spoke to her again we'd been together for a while, and, well, it just can't beeg teen have come up." I shrugged, and offered him a weak smile. "I guess." "Don't be mad, Alex. Please." "Why shouldn't I be?" "Because wwwbeeg you know how much I care about you, about how proud and lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend. It was an oversight." I waited for a response, but he just continued to look straight beeg 4k at me, his expression blank and unreadable. "You're too cute." He finally laughed, a free porn beeg grin spreading across his face and he yanked me into a rough hug, mussing my hair as he did so. "So you're not mad?" "That'd beeg xx be kinda hypocritical, wouldn't it? I haven't told any of my family." He continued to grin like an idiot, beeg.c and I scowled back at him. "So you deliberately made me feel bad, what, as a joke?" I sat up and glared at him. "Jeez, Ryan, I'm beeg. com sorry, I was just fooling around." He looked crestfallen. "You're too easy, Hayes!" I grinned broadly at him, two could play at that game. "I beeg com. deserved that." He laughed, realizing that I had been joking too. "Yes. You beeg xvideos did. But really, I'm sorry I never said anything to Megan, we just don't talk all that often." I shrugged, but his grin stayed in place, accompanied by a rueful shake of his head. "Don't worry beeg hot about it, Ry, I spoke to her for a while on the phone. She seems nice, but she's from the same stock as you, so that's not surprising." beeg. com "You old smoothie." I snorted, and was rewarded with another tight hug and being shaken from side to side while he free beeg made growling noises beeg vids against my neck. "Down boy!" I laughed, pushing him away and getting to my feet. "Are you hungry?" "Only for you!" "So I'll just make something for myself?" I turned to go to the kitchen, but was grabbed around the waist and yanked back into www beeg a sitting position, practically on his beeg jepang knee. "Hey! You break it,